Behind Us

Often the only way around is through. Often this is also much easier said than done. Reminding ourselves of this timeless outlook can help us on our journey. The situation we are in can feel like flames raging inside our minds and bodies. We often see that the stuff we worried about, or that felt like hell in the moment, can eventually fade into the background. OCD symptoms are a great example. We want to keep going after a life that we value and learn to live with being uncertain. We can be confident about a situation, but we can never be 100 % certain that things will go as we planned. Sometimes we didn’t have a choice in the matter. It could be something awful that we had no control over that we experienced in life. Even in some of the most unspeakable tragedies, if someone is able to, facing the emotions head on can be a great place to start the healing process. Most of the time when we are facing what we fear, things end up being okay, but we know this isn’t reality all of the time. Whether that is a difficult conversation or learning to drive. We hope for the best but want to be willing to live with the results regardless of what happens. Freedom lies in the gray area. Peace of mind from obsessions and compulsions lives in the world of uncertainty. Again and again.

My website address is GETBEHINDMEOCD. I also have this tattooed on my arm. It’s something I’m very passionate about. Once I accept the moment for what it is, no matter how uncertain the outcome is, the better off I am. The better of we are. No matter how dark our thoughts are, or how our experience feels, if we accept the moment and keep going after things that we care about, we can see OCD or other tough life events lose strength in trying to dominate our time on earth. We start to gain ground and take back our lives that these demons have tried to rob us of. Let the hamster wheel of our brain turn without trying to fix it, it’s trying to take up our time anyway, let it burn itself out. We know that wishing, pushing, or trying to analyze it away usually doesn’t work. The more we accept what’s going on in the moment, and keep moving in a forward direction, we can start to notice this stuff in our rearview mirror. It’s not always an easy experience. It can however be a more peaceful and clearer journey if we stop the internal struggle and let a lot of this stuff fade into the background.

Jeremy Rudd

Saw things, clearer, clearer, once you, were in my, rear view mirror. I gather speed, from you f&*#ing with me. Once and for all, I’m far away. I hardly believe, finally the shades, are raised……” Pearl Jam, “Rearview Mirror”