Discomfort Can’t Hold Us Back

Pain is temporary, because our life on this planet is as well. We know we can’t avoid pain and difficulty. It’s right here in our face, whether we want to admit it or not. Avoidance or trying to pretend it doesn’t exist, this path can turn pain into suffering. We can choose to move through the pain and avoid some of the suffering by accepting what is. We want to embrace and enjoy what we can, 10 minutes at a time. We can still make positive changes in our life, or show others kindness, even though our hearts and brains may be full of hurt and confusion. We want to hold onto the hope that things can get better. The journey tends to be less chaotic if we are mindful of what we Can and Can’t control.

Let us remind ourselves and others that we are not in this battle alone.

Let us take care of ourselves, and lean on each other when possible. Even in a storm, our choices can lead to positive change. Keep moving forward.

Jeremy Rudd

“Oh the distance, it makes me uncomfortable
Guess it’s natural to feel this way
Oh, let’s hold out for something sweeter
Spread your wings and fly” +Live+, The Distance