In Memory

Just wanted to give a shout out to my brother in law, Tyler. We lost him to cancer 3 years ago today. We consider ourselves extremely blessed to have had a person like you in our lives. Passionate, loyal, consistent. An awesome son, brother, husband, father, a true friend.

Brother, we miss you and your goodness on this planet. I will always be in debt to you for your friendship and the blessing that you have been to our families. Your strength and spirit continues to shine here on earth and it always will. When the darkness of OCD or depression tries to rear it’s ugly head, I try to remember the Countless helpful words that you passed on to me. Your strength that you showed us all, it helps me to keep fighting the good fight.

Most all of us in life can know that feeling, when another step forward can seem damn near impossible. We know that having a support system can be crucial in this journey. Tyler was a Huge support for me and his memory helps me to keep moving ahead as I try to help others. We love you, BIL. We look forward to seeing you again. Veritas.

Jeremy Rudd