Keep Arriving

Let us keep showing up. Let’s try to keep pushing ahead even though your brain may still be focusing on the previous chapter of your life. We want to accept the experience we are having, it’s much easier to manage this way, even though it often doesn’t feel like that in the moment. Arriving to the next day of school, the next day of work, or just arriving and being in the next moment, now. Our brain may tell us that it feels “off”, or maybe “not right”or the next task may feel flat out impossible without doing a particular compulsion or avoiding something.

Accepting the next 2 seconds, just the way it is, without avoidance or seeking change, that Is exposure. We want to remind ourselves that no matter where we have been, what we have thought about, what we have touched, the mistakes we may or may not have made, we can still begin again in this moment. It doesn’t fix tomorrows math test. It doesn’t turn tomorrows doctor’s appointment into thoughts of puppies and rainbows. However trying to stay in today, and concentrating on what we do have control over, this a helpful way to manage this thing called life. Whether we are 12 or 92, dealing with what’s in front of us today, in these moments, gives us a heck of a lot better chance of actually enjoying and being productive with the time we have.

Give a bearhug to the unknown. Ask uncertainty to be your friend. No matter how smooth, rough, or “okay” today is, we still have a chance to make part of our life what we want it to be. Even if that’s just for the next 5 minutes. Let us begin again, in the next moment, for the first time.

Did you hear about the person who went back in time and made a different decision so that they could make the “right” decision? Me either….

Shake hands with the struggles, try to lean into what works, and try to be mindful of what doesn’t work for you. Stick with your gameplan. Exposure and Response Prevention is a great example of part of a gameplan. Try to enjoy your life.

Jeremy Rudd