Rest Easy, Mary Jo.

My grandmother passed today at the age of 101. She was an incredible person who was an amazing influence for those that knew her. She was old school and had incredible strength to push ahead, one hour at a time. She didn’t have a social media account and she kept moving forward in the areas that she valued. She knew the dirt roads and used a clothes line for a dryer.

At her 100th birthday party last year, someone asked her, what was the key to making it to a 100? She replied, “Trusting in the Lord and staying out of other people’s business!” It was a classic line, one of thousands. She had a game plan to get things done, it was just a given. She was loyal and had a sense of humor. Hearing her laugh was one of the best natural antidepressants ever. She knew what worked for her. I always respected this.

She would always have some extra goodness to pass along when we would depart. Whether that was an extra hug, kiss on the cheek, or a reminder that we are loved, and to “come back and see me.” She recently gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek while sitting in her wheel chair. At her age, the “last time” was always a realistic possibility. I will never forget that last hug.

We are blessed to have people in our life that we can be with and their love and loyalty is Never in question. My grandmother was this way, through and through. Mary Jo, we look forward to laughing with you again on the other side. We love you dearly and thank you for being the real deal, for 101 years.

Jeremy Rudd

Once I’m back to my place, I’ll find it at my own pace. The back roads treat me like kin. – Israel Nash, Rolling On

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  1. What a lovely tribute, Jeremy! I like her wisdom…Trusting in the Lord and staying out of other people’s business! May God give you all comfort and peace 🙂

  2. Always well said, Jeremy. Would that everyone could have a Mary Jo in their lives.

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